Ah, young love is in the air. And it’s grand. Our youth pastor, Andrew Staffieri, is now headed to the altar to marry Katie McGregor. I knew Bruce McGregor and I had something in common. We will both be facing many tears in 2020. There is something very special when your daughter walks down the aisle.  At least I think it will be.

Anyway, Andrew came into my office before Thanksgiving and shut the door. That’s not usually a good sign from where I sit, but he had his backpack slung over his shoulder so I figured the news couldn’t be too bad. He stood hovering over my desk which the grin of a Cheshire cat all over his face. He reached into his backpack and pulled out a small box. Of course, “Medawar” was emblazoned on the top…and I knew where this was headed.

He was on his way to surprise Katie with a certain question. What I will never forget was the sweet smile on his face. He was so happy. He was bubbling with anticipation. He couldn’t wait to show me the ring (it is beautiful…and you ought to take a look at it) and then get out onto the road to accomplish this most significant of tasks. It was a precious moment…and I barely kept my composure.

I didn’t know the plans (there was no need for me to be in that loop). But I knew Andrew and I knew how excited he was in that moment. Young love is great. And inspiring. I am so happy for them both and can’t wait to celebrate their love on some special day next year. No pressure from me, by the way.

But I thought about our Bridegroom, Jesus. We often talk about making sure we are looking forward to His return. But in that moment, I wondered what this all must be like for Him. What’s it like for Him to anticipate the wedding supper of the Lamb? If we as the bride are excited, what’s it like for the Bridegroom. The last few I’ve seen are petty thrilled that the wedding is coming. So, I imagine that Jesus must be looking forward to that great day as well.

But linger on that thought for a moment. Jesus is the Bridegroom. And as a bridegroom He’s looking forward to the wedding as much as the bride. The King of the universe came into the world to find a bride. The price for that bride was His own blood. He’s coming again to marry that bring and take her into the infinitely beautiful chambers and gardens of His love. John Piper put it this way, “King Jesus came into the world to take a wife. Not a harem. And not for sex. But to give her pleasures that make sex taste like cardboard. He paid for her with his life. And he is now at work by his Spirit and by his word purifying and beautifying her for himself and for her joy.”

I’m sure Jesus can’t wait to make us His bride. He’s got that Cheshire grin of Andrew as the day draws closer and closer. Katie is blessed to have caught the eye of Andrew. We are blessed to have caught the eye of Jesus.