Did you see it? Did you catch a glimpse? There was a moment this week where the sun broke through the overcast clouds and fog. A time where all of us were reminded of the truth that summer is upon us.

I love the summer because it means that summer camp is almost here! Summer camp is really the pinnacle event of youth ministry. So much is building to it and if camp is done right, it can provide significant momentum to start off the year. Summer camp brings with it so much excitement, challenges, and perhaps most of all potential. Potential is really the key here. And I know the potential first hand as you could call me a camp veteran. While I look young, I have already been to around 100 camps in my life. I guess that’s one of the perks of growing up a pastor’s kid. Well that and the trauma of being used as an illustration in every other sermon and being the guinea pig for inventive youth activities and demonstrations… Wait, where was I? Oh yes, summer camp brings with it potential. I first really learned this lesson my freshman year of high school. For some reason I actually decided to follow the advice of my youth leaders (shocking, I know) and invite many of the new people I had met in high school to summer camp. Even more shocking perhaps was that eight of them decided to go! From there things moved fast. By the end of the week, six accepted Jesus as savior for the first time. By the end of the month, three were baptized. By the end of the year, those eight had gone out and brought their friends and families who brought their friends and families multiplying that little group into a large community. Fast forward 10 years later and now two have joined full-time ministry. This is all to say that God has plans we could have never thought of, and yet sometimes it only takes a small step of faith to get to be a part of those plans — to join in the potential.

Summer camp brings that opportunity. It’s amazing how much easier we can see and hear God when we aren’t constantly distracting ourselves, and when we have a chance to slow down and listen. This year PCC Student Ministry will be going to summer camp August 4 – 7. Our hope and prayer is just that. That the students will have time to connect and listen to the God that loves them. That students will be so moved by his love that they will want to invite others to come see it. So please join us in praying for the student ministry and for summer camp.