I guess it’s no big surprise that the Director of Children’s Ministry wants to tout the virtues of such, but since it’s my turn to write the Back Page (Ps. Jim might be sorry he let me do this), I want to share with you why I think Kids Min is so important to our church.

So here it is…7 Reasons Why Kids Min Helps Peninsula Community Church:

  1. It helps PCC to pass on the faith. Every period of church history has struggled with this problem. We are told in scripture to “…teach them (the truths of His Word) diligently to our children.” Deuteronomy 6:7  Children’s ministry can help the church to be intentional about that admonition. We provide the framework that allows our adults to share the gospel and God’s Word with next generation.
  2. It brings new families to PCC. It isn’t easy to attract 20 somethings to the local church. If we have a growing, vibrant children’s ministry, we can serve the important needs of families with young children, hungry to raise up developmentally strong people. Something to think about when considering strategies for church growth. Think Daring Faith!
  3. It allows us, the church body, to use our talents and spiritual gifts. Being able to use my gift of teaching and storytelling some 30 years ago is what led me to get involved in a local Bible believing church. If it wasn’t for the children’s ministry and my commitment to serving, I might not have gotten so plugged in. According to research statistics, volunteering in children’s ministry is one of the best ways an adult can grow spiritually as a disciple of Christ.
  4. It trains our future leaders. Research again says if it weren’t for children’s ministry, we might not have our current pastors, missionaries, Sunday school teachers, elders, deacons, and more. Almost all church leaders report “growing up in the church”, meaning exposure to the Bible as a child. Someday Pastor Jim is going to want to retire. Who’s going to replace him? Are we nurturing our future leaders?
  5. It provides accidental learning for our ministry volunteers. When I began teaching in the 4 and 5 year old Sunday school class, I was a new believer. Spiritually, I, too, was a 4 or 5 year old child. As I prepared to teach the lesson to the kids in my class, guess who else was learning? Kids Min is a great place for new believers or anyone to serve.
  6. It helps our “big church” go smoothly. Quality childcare is essential to allow parents to fully participate in church worship service. While our children’s ministry is far more than childcare, an exciting, loving environment and place to where our children can learn about our Lord, is a clear benefit to our entire church.
  7. Having children around gives us a sense of excitement and hope about our future. Few things point us to the future more than being around children. As noisy and disruptive as they can be, children do prove that life will continue. That’s good nourishment for our soul.