Last Saturday every daddy’s dream became my reality. I had the joy and honor to walk my little girl down the aisle. It was magical and overwhelming. There are no words to describe it. I only have one daughter, so this was my one shot. And I will never forget it. I had given considerable thought as to what I should say to her as we stood in the lobby…just her and me…waiting for the doors to open and life to forever change. I had an idea but had already blurted it out. So, I didn’t really say anything, lest I prompt the tears to flow. I’m thinking only about her. And she’s just thinking about her groom at the other end of the aisle. As it should be.

The day began with an unforgettable moment — my phone rang, and it was Pastor Alex from Uganda. That was so kind and thoughtful of him to think of us on our special day. He knows the importance of weddings and so he called. We had a great chat, and he gave me permission to cry as much as needed. He gets it.

When I stood in front of everyone gathered and was asked, “Who gives this woman to married to this man” — did I have some clever response? I wanted to say, “I’ve never thought of her as ours to give. She was on loan from God. He entrusted her mom, her brothers, and me to love her and look after her. Today we entrust her to the love and care of Noah.” But that’s way too long winded, so all I said was, “Her mother and I.” And with that, she was gone.

Probably one of my most cherished highlights of the day was dancing with Lindsey to Steven Curtis Chapman’s “Cinderella.” Yes, it’s a sappy and emotional song. But I will repeat those moments in my mind for the rest of my life, because I was surrounded by people who loved us and shared our joy on that day. And they are a fairly good reminder to get some dance lessons.

After all was said and done, there was one thing that continues to bring tears to my eyes. It is this: my church family. So many gave up so much and worked so hard to make it a special day for Lindsey and Noah. That meant more to Christie and me than you could ever know. There were many moving pieces because we held the ceremony and the reception in the Worship Center. And then it all had to be cleaned up and returned to “Sunday normal.”

Even outsiders were impressed to watch so many people pitch in to make a wedding successful. You all made a huge impression. You were a testimony to the love and grace of Christ. That brings more tears.

Christie and I are taking life easier this week (or trying to). Normal has yet to return. But we will look back on 1.11.20 with hearts full of joy and gratitude. This church family is amazing. Our God is amazing. We were blessed without measure on this day of celebration. Our hearts are full. God’s grace is real.

I commend Noah and Lindsey for making Christ the center of their lives and especially of that day. All glory be to Christ!

And…I do pastor the best assembly of servant-believers around.