For those of the more scientific persuasion, you did not let it go unnoticed that Wednesday was “π day.”  It’s true.  Of course, I was hoping for “pie day,” but alas, no such luck.  π day is not something I think about, but that’s me, not the engineering world which surrounds me.  So, on a whim at staff meeting, I decided to switch things up a little.   I asked everyone on staff to pick a book of the Bible and read the “π” verse.  Now, I really shouldn’t admit to encouraging such behavior.  I abhor the “open the Bible and find a verse” method of Bible study.  I’m not saying God can’t use that – but to make that a habit is most certainly not a healthy way to do Bible study.

But for one day, we gave it a shot.

Now, I must say that I think some of the folks around that table chose books in which they knew they’d find a great “π” verse (that’s any 3:14, by the way).  But one (related to me) went to Isaiah.  I did Matthew, of course.  Someone did Luke.  Then Philippians and Galatians (the tone gave Galatians away) and 1 Timothy (a tough one, actually, so we ventured on to 2 Timothy instead).

But I must admit that is was kind of an interesting exercise.  If you know the context of each verse you can get a sense of the direction and meaning of that author.  Now, the Isaiah one….well, the one who selected Isaiah did not provide any context – so that one was just strange.  And I’m thinking that was the goal of its selection.  You think?

But the Scriptures are rich, no matter where you turn.  And I think we may try that again next year on “π day.”  Since all of the Bible is profitable and speaks to life, it was like sitting through a smorgasbord (a Swedish cafeteria) of biblical truth.  We got encouraged and challenged from a bunch of unrelated angles.  We even had Angel read his choice in Spanish.  That was cool (as we followed along in English).

I’m not recommending this pattern for Bible study, have I made that clear?  But I am encouraging us to listen to the whole counsel of God, not just the parts we like or the parts with which we are familiar.  The whole Bible speaks to us because it is all equally inspired by the Holy Spirit.  And with inspiration comes an ability to touch our lives right where we are, on “π day” or any other day of the year.

Stay in the Word.  Listen to it.  And, by all means, have a plan so that the whole counsel touches the whole of life.  Venture out of the Psalms.  Venture into Leviticus.  Take a trek through Malachi.  Soak up Philippians.  We need a full picture of Who God is.  And we need to allow each part of His Word to do its work within us.  That’s what it’s all about.  No matter what day it is or where we are reading.

Hmmmm…..I wonder what the 3:18’s say?